KGB (保加利亚) It is easy to tell proud things – but now – be realistic? What is your nation most shameful characteristic or act? I will be first and I`ll tell you what Bulgarian might be ashamed of: – sometimes dirty streets and other public places; – incapable and corrupted politicians, with some exceptions, of course; – too much patience under other`s rule; – almost never finish the job to the end; – football hooligans; – “mutras", i.e. BG mafia; And of course – “the chalga" music genre- the worst music existed ever!


自豪的事情都乐意提及,现在要直面现实了。你的国家最难以启齿的特点和行为都有哪些? 我第一个来,我将告诉你保加利亚的可耻之处: 有时肮脏的街道和其他公共场所; 无能腐败的政客,当然还有一些免责条款; 在异族的统治下太有耐心;(言外之意指不敢反抗?) 做事情几乎都是虎头蛇尾; 足球流氓; 保加利亚黑手党; 当然还有chalga(保加利亚女歌手)的音乐风格,世界上最糟糕的音乐,没有之一! 评论翻译: 评论:


1、tjadams (美国)

The treatment of American Indians. The treatment of women rights. Slavery.



2、Niki86 (希腊)

Perhaps corrupt politicians



3、KBG (保加利亚)

Political correctness and modern aggressive liberalism? The bombings in WWII?

回复1号评论 政治正确和现代侵略自由主义?二战中的轰炸?


4、irishcrusader95 (爱尔兰)

-our civil war would be one, especially since it happened right after our war of independence so in a moment former friends and comrades were turned against each other -the magdalene sister schools and other abuses by the catholic church

我们的内战应该算一个,特别是发生在独立战争之后不久,以前的朋友和同志瞬间挥戈相向。 妓女从良学校和其他被天主教会虐待的人


5、Qymaen (美国)

Treatment of Blacks most likely.



6、smellincoffee (美国)

Nothing. Acknowledgment of the US’s misdeeds and the expression of remorse or outrage over them are unpatriotic and strictly forbidden. Though maybe it might be fair to apologize for our pop culture.



7、Qymaen The treatment of American Indians. The treatment of women rights. Slavery.美国的印第安人;女权运动;黑奴。(引用)

I don’t think the first two are actually cared about that much. Too few Native Americans. I also think many women have gotten over the whole equal rights thing though there are still quite a few who haven’t.



8、Panthera tigris altaica (美国)

Lady Gaga?



9、M.E.T.H.O.D. (意大利)

we are deeply sorry for exporting Italian organized crime all around the world. personally i feel ashamed of my country when i see “Jersey Shore" and the way those italian-americans act..

我们为向全世界输出犯罪集团而感到深深的抱歉。 当我看到《泽西海岸》(美国真人秀节目,主角是一群20出头的意大利年轻人在泽西海边过暑假。发帖人觉得他们有哗众取宠的嫌疑)和那些美籍意大利人的表现,我个人为国家感到惭愧…


10、Thessalonian (希腊)

I guess you are self-sarcastic now. (回复6号评论)



11、xander.XVII (意大利)

Mafia Corruption everywhere overwhelming injustice racism and Lega Nord italians overall



12、Thessalonian (希腊)

I am ashamed of certain modern Greek customs and policies and of our politicians who betrayed us.



13、kbear (美国)

the horrible way the native americans were treated. slavery. corrupt politicians who are most concerned with their own bank account instead of their country. idiotic reality shows such as the previously mentioned jersey shore.



14、Thessalonian (希腊)

corrupt politicians who are most concerned with their own bank account instead of their country.

腐败的政客,关心他们的银行账户更甚于他们的国家。(引用) That’s pretty much international…. 这是国际性的难题…


15、sturm (保加利亚)

The Revival process (forcefully assimilation of ethnic turks during the 80’s) is i believe the worst deed Bulgaria ever did.



16、bunyip (澳大利亚)

ollective or National shame? I don’t think there is any in Australia. However, there are some things my country has done of which I’m far from proud. Will I tell you? No.



17、srb7677 Most shameful things about modern Britain? Gross inequality Celebrity culture Sycophancy towards royalty Political self serving Binge drinking Clinging to silly traditions Most shameful things in British history? The slave trade The Amritsar massacre The employment of torture, sadism, brutality and murder in 1950s Kenya The surrender at Singapore in February 1942 Thatcherism Our callous lack of response to the Irish potato famine

现代英国最羞愧的事情? 粗野的不公;名人文化;谄媚皇室;政治自我服务;酗酒;坚持愚蠢的陋规。 英国历史上最羞愧的事情? 奴隶贸易;阿姆利则(印度北部城市)大屠杀;20世纪50年代在肯尼亚的拷打、虐待、暴行和谋杀;1942年2月新加坡(守军向日军)投降;撒切尔主义;对爱尔兰饥荒不闻不问。


18、Shaheen (瑞典)

Treatment of Bengalis in the late 60s and 71 war.



19、plutoboyz (印尼)

Indonesia? They are shameless. Their stupid pride cover everything.



20、TexasRebel (美国)

1) The self absorption, mental laziness, and arrogance of our population. 2) Fundamental Christians

1、自我吸收、无精打采和全体国民的傲慢自大。 2、原教旨基督徒


21、kbear (美国)

That’s pretty much international….


countries worse than the US? i bet 99% of our politicians are corrupt, sadly….it seems to be a job requirement



22、Thessalonian (希腊) i bet 99% of our politicians are corrupt


That’s pretty much international!



23、pnd-fullface (希腊)

1:that we are stucked with our past and if anyone tell us about our modern culture we are telling him, how we were those days 2:the expression"nothing is gonna change so fate will decide" 3:ur modern way of life, and all the other styles are not acceptable by the community. 4:that we have the human spirit in our lives and in the big cities we are going to loose it.

1、我们沉浸在过去而无法自拔,如果有人和我谈论我们的现代文化,我只能告诉他‘那段日子’我们是如何如何? 2、‘什么都不会改变,一切天注定’的论调 3、现代的生活方式,所有其他的风格都不会被我们接受。 4、我们在生活中形成的人文精神,到了大城市全部遗失了。


24、Patton (美国)

As an American, I am very ashamed of our culture. We supply the world with all the propaganda they need.



25、GalataTurk (土耳其)

Corrupt politicians and current policy. Weak diaspora. Ongoing terror problem.



26、KBG (保加利亚)

What do you mean?



27、GalataTurk (土耳其)

I mean American nfluence over Turkish politics. We have to ask the USA to make some actions. The AKP governmet is going out of Ataturk’s path. Another is Turkiye dont have a strong diaspora to defend our rights about Cyprus and genocide issues.



28、Salah ad-Din (美国)

I would say the treatment of the Native and African-American populations, as well as the condition of the largely unsung urban poor, both black and white, historical and modern.



29、Satuf (美国) Iraq: How we’re failing to provide security in our country.



30、Frank81 (西班牙) Spain… where can I begin?? 西班牙…从哪里开始说好呢?


31、Rosi (印度) (Oh, where to begin!) The caste system; the treatment of the female gender; the poverty; the corruption; communal riots that still sometimes happen. (从哪里开始呢!) 种姓制度;歧视妇女;贫困;贪污;时有发生的公共骚乱


32、Son of Cathal (澳大利亚) Probably the White Australia Policy…though I have no doubt there are those who wish we could return to it. 应该是白人澳大利亚政策吧…但我一点也不怀疑希望重新回到那个时代的人们依然存在。


33、mikainen (芬兰) – general drinking habits – indifference to our fellow beings. Old people are shoveled to retirement homes, parents don’t know where their teenage kids are and we don’t want to know our neighbours. – domestic violence – envious nature of Finns. 大众饮酒的习惯;对周围人漠不关心。老人被赶进养老院,父母不知道他们的孩子在哪,我们也不想认识自己的邻居;家庭暴 力;芬兰人嫉妒的本性。


34、Vintersorg (比利时) Belgium should be ashamed of it’s treament of the indigenous people of Congo when they colonised it. That, and the current ridiculous behaviour on a political level… 当我们侵略刚果时,比利时应该为虐待当地居民而感到惭愧。现在则是政治上的丑态。


35、Pavel (俄罗斯) In my opinion, Russian children don’t study history at all, they are taught to be good patriot. Russia are exalted to be permanent and immaculate virtue in the world.I Is it normal? 在我看来,俄罗斯的孩子对历史一点也不热心,他们都被教育成了合格的爱国者。俄罗斯一直在褒扬一战中完美无瑕的美德,这很正常吗?


36、1991sudarshan (印度) casteism untouchability Corrupt Politicians Bribery 等级制度;贱民身份;腐败的政客;行贿。


37、sturm (保加利亚) Of our national football team. 我们的国足。


38、Yorgos (希腊) Of our national football team. 我们的国足。


39、Thessalonian (希腊) Of our national football team. 我们的男足。(三个回帖连在一起)


40、NonXNonExX (中国) I’m ashamed that arguably the greatest nation in modern history is slowly succumbing to a third-rate dictatorship and bully like China. Unfortunately the demise of the US as a superpower already seems inevitable and our politicians only want to argue over whether the earth is only 6,000 years old and created by some invisible sky fairy! (此人是在华的美国人)令我惭愧的是,现代历史上最伟大的国家正在向一个三流的独裁政府慢慢屈服。不幸的是,作为超级大国,美国的禅让似乎是不可避免的,我们的政客只想争论地球是否只有6000年的历史,以及是否被一些在天上看不见的精灵而创造!


41、imperialmen (印度) Bullied by China? Which country do you belong to? (回复40号评论)被中国威胁?你是哪个国家的?


42、KGB (保加利亚) I think China has a huge way in 21 Century and the bog crossroad is still ahead. If your politicians are smart enough to keep and upgrade what you have now, after 25 years of good development, the 21 century is yours! If they start to play the old commies games – the oldest and one of the greatest nations in the world will loose again. 我认为中国将在21世纪遇到大麻烦,十字路口前的泥沼还在等着他们。如果你们的政治家足够聪明,保持和升级你们现有的一切,经过25年的良好发展,21世纪还是你们的!如果他们想玩过时的共产党游戏,最古老和最伟大的国家将会在世界范围内大打出手。


43、mofli87 (匈牙利) very questionable— China will have been in a brutal demographic crisis in 20-30 years time. -one child policy -too few children even today. -chinese families prefer boys rather girls. -due to the rapid economical development the middle class won’t have an average 2 children in a family even if the government would allow it. so many many huge questions which the government has to solve. (回复42号评论)有些疑问… 中国将在未来二、三十年内面临严峻的人口问题。 独生子女政策;如今的孩子很少;中国的家庭重男轻女;由于经济飞速发展,即便政府允许,平均每个中产阶级也不会有2个孩子。 如此多的问题政府如何来解决。


44、sturm (保加利亚) I believe the last country that can have a demographic problem is exactly China, and by the way here i am, my nation will be reduced to a minority (in its own country) after 50-60 years. I know what a demographic crisis means, because i live around it, i see it and im experiencing it in my country. 我相信最后一个有着人口问题的必定是中国,顺便说一下,我的民族在50-60年后,逐渐减少,直到变成少数民族。我知道人口问题意味着什么,因为它也出现在我的生活中,在我的国家可以亲身体验到。


45、Yaunâ (希腊) And who would be the majority? Romanians? (回复44号评论)那么谁会成为大多数?罗马尼亚人吗?


46、sturm (保加利亚) Those who recognizes themselves as turks (who already are half a million which is like 8% of the population here), and the gypsies, who are rising there population very fast, most gypsy families even though living in extreme poverty have more then 5-6 kids. (回复45号评论)他们认为自己是土耳其人(他们的人口有50万左右,占到了总人口的8%),还有吉普赛人,他们的人口增长极快,大多数吉普赛家庭的生活即使极端贫穷,也有5、6个孩子。


47、Guaporense (巴西) Caucasians are still 75% of the population of the USA the other two large ethnic groups have 11% of the population each. So in the future the caucasians will not lose their position as the largest ethnic group of the country. 白种人占美国总人口的75%,另外两大种族各占11%。所以,未来白种人不会失去他们的地位,因为他们是美国最大的种族群体。 ————————————————————————-

48、Guaporense (巴西) I am mostly ashamed of the lack of seriousness of my country, the population at large in Brazil is not serious at all. Brazil is the least serious country in the world. 我为我们国家缺乏严谨而感到万分惭愧,巴西的总人口至今仍是一个未知数。巴西是这个世界上最不严谨的国家,没有之一。


49、Yaunâ (希腊) Seriousness? When we talk about Brazil, girls, beaches and carnivals come to our mind 严谨?当我们谈论巴西的时候,女孩、沙滩和狂欢节就出现在我们的脑海中。 ———————————————————–

50、tonywalt (开曼群岛) Liberalism and it’s twin political correctness It’s shameful how it’s crept into our society. I’m proud of us who resist it. 自由主义和两边讨好的圆滑世故。我为我们的社会沾染这样的习气而感到惭愧,为那些抵制的人感到自豪。